Fundraising Challenges: Culinary Competitions, Clothing Drives, Christmas Tree Collections, and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Charity Fundraising Challenges

Fundraising is one of the most challenging tasks for nonprofit organizations. In fact, it is often a struggle to raise money even when there are plenty of willing supporters.

One of the biggest challenges is a lack of mission awareness. People who don’t know what your nonprofit does aren’t likely to donate to it.

Culinary Competition

The goal of fundraising challenges is to give participants a fun and unique experience while supporting a worthy cause. This kind of event will also inspire future fundraisers to pursue their passion and get involved. For example, Sepi Naficy, winner of ICE’s Channel Your Inner Chef cooking competition in 2016, credits her culinary competition as giving her confidence to pursue her own business, and she even went back to compete as a mentor a few years later.

You can hold your own culinary competition at home by purchasing all the flavors of a popular product, like Oreos or Kit Kat bars, and holding a tasting. You can charge admission or make it a peer-to-peer event, which will add a social element and extra funds to your challenge. You can even go all out and purchase rare varieties, like Japanese mushroom soup Pringles or web exclusives, to make it even more exciting for participants. Then you can hold a friendly competition to see who can create the most unique flavor combinations.

Clothing Drive

Charity challenge fundraisers are a great way to meet new people and form a team. You’ll find that your new connections will keep you going on days when you aren’t feeling it. They’ll be able to give you training tips and cheer you on when you’re trying your best.

You’ll also learn a lot about yourself, whether you’re trekking along the Great Wall of China or cycling from London to Paris. The sense of accomplishment you get will be well worth the hard work and physical effort that went into your fundraising.

Depending on the charity you choose, they may help you with logistics like setting up dates and creating flyers for your community. They will most likely have a dedicated consultant who can answer any questions you might have about your challenge. They’ll be able to explain exactly how your fundraising dollars will be spent and who your donation will benefit. This gives donors peace of mind, which will help them to continue supporting your cause.

Christmas Tree Collection

Whether they’re used to scent homes, shelter gifts or serve as an ornamental centerpiece, real and artificial Christmas trees serve one more purpose after the holiday season–they benefit the environment by being properly recycled. New York City offers a convenient program that collects unwanted trees for free and turns them into mulch.

Offer tree delivery and decoration services as a bundled package to boost sales and appeal to a wider range of supporters. Determine a fee for these services and partner with local businesses to supply related product items like ornaments and wreaths. Use social media to promote bundled packages and incentivize quick purchases with time-limited discounts.

Collaborate with local artists or performers to create themed trees for sale. Feature these professionals in your marketing campaigns to establish credibility and attract their audience base. Then, promote the craftiness of these trees by describing the creative investment that goes into each unique piece in your marketing materials.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Recruiting and supporting fundraisers is essential for peer-to-peer fundraising success. Nonprofits need to ensure fundraisers have all the tools they need (key messaging, email and social sharing templates, fundraising strategies) and feel supported throughout the process.

Walkathons, races, and challenges are activity-based peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns that bring your organization in front of new audiences and potential donors. They can be augmented by sponsorships, branded merchandise, and corporate matches.

In challenge campaigns, individuals or groups pledge to undertake activities (like shave their heads or run a marathon) once a certain fundraising milestone is reached. They then ask their networks to donate to your organization to support their efforts. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is one of the most famous examples of this type of campaign.

Show appreciation and gratitude to fundraisers and their donors to keep them engaged. Personalized thank-you messages, social media shout-outs, and recognition events are great ways to do this. Also, share an event recap report that highlights the impact and results of their efforts.

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