Mobile Apps for Charity Fundraising: Empowering Donors with Easy and Impactful Giving Options

Charity Fundraising Apps For Mobile Devices

People have short attention spans on their smartphones, so charity fundraisers need to use mobile-optimised tools that are easy to download and understand. These include apps like St Jude’s Shopify donation app, which helps ecommerce businesses donate a percentage of their sales to charity.

Other charity apps include Coin Up, which allows donors to round up their spare change for charities, and Omaze, which lets participants win exclusive experiences in exchange for micro-donations. Other options include text donations and crowdfunding platforms like Fundly.

Donate a Photo

Pictures are a powerful way to connect with donors. A clear, focused image can inspire a donor to act and help them feel like they are making a difference.

Johnson and Johnson’s free Donate a Photo app turns your daily photos into a chance to do good. For every photo shared on the app, the company will donate $1 to a trusted charity partner. These projects range from building parks to helping newborns breathe.

If your fundraiser needs an extra boost, consider running a photo contest. This will inspire people to share their best shots and increase your visibility. Make sure to promote the contest on your organization’s social media channels and website homepage.

One Today

One Today is an app that helps users donate to charities. Its simple design makes it easy for users to contribute to nonprofits. However, it does have a fee of 1.9 percent for credit card payments.

Micro-donations are a popular trend in charitable apps. These apps allow users to give a small amount to charity daily. They also offer incentives for donating, like donation matching for friends and family.

Other charity fundraising apps include RoundUp, which rounds up debit and credit card transactions and donates the extra change to a nonprofit of the user’s choice. Another app is Givz, which allows businesses to add donation options at checkout.


PayPal, known for making it easy to transfer money, now has an app that makes charity fundraising fun. The app allows users to make micro-donations in spare change, and it can also track recurring donations. The app also lets fundraisers thank their donors through customized thank-you snapshots.

Another popular charity fundraising app is Coin Up, which “rounds up” credit and debit card transactions to donate the difference to a pre-selected charity. The app is free for consumers and can be added to existing mobile wallets.

Another great fundraising app is Sprout, which lets business owners let customers know how many trees will be planted through total purchases or specific products. The app handles all payouts and leaves business owners free to focus on their customers.

Coin Up

Coin Up is a leading fundraising app that helps users choose the cause that ignites their hearts to support. It hosts more than 250 official nonprofits and allows them to create monthly recurring revenue. It also enables them to thank the donors through customized thank you snapshots, which can help build long-term donor relationships.

Gen Z and millennials are emerging philanthropists, who want to learn where they can make the most impact with their money. They also want to see the results of their donation. Nonprofits need a solution that can connect with this generation, simplify the process and maximize donations.


GiveTide helps charity fundraising by making it easy for donors to give, and repeat their donations. The app allows users to donate to nonprofits of their choice, and securely links their debit or credit cards. Donors can easily track their giving history, and are able to change, add, or turn off their donations at any time.

GiveTide also offers a text-to-give option that charities can use to encourage supporters to fundraise for their organization. This is a great way to attract new donors and increase engagement. Just share your campaign ID and short code plan, and donors can give right from the app.

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